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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

funny/ review/ sayings

Jul. 26 Funny: Yesterday I turned on the tv at night, and I decided to check out Then a few min. into it, I saw Matthew Lawrence. I was like: "Oh my god!" This C-list actor made it onto an entertainment news show. The coincidence of me thinking about him and him appearing on tv was interesting. He was on for 10 seconds and they asked him about something lead to a breakup. They cut away really fast. It was at night, he was between 2 guys. He looked good.

Writing: Today I typed up some more for stuff for my script about Corrine working for an unethical company. I also typed up the comedy about Garret and Julie.

Job: Today I went to the job interview at Sunglasses Hut. The manager Kerri said she thought I was to be here at 2pm, but I came at 12pm. We did the interview and I was told I was the only one up for this job. I forgot to ask how much it paid. She then told me to go to this website, register and do the online quiz. I know I answered "True" to same bad statements like: "I get angry easily." I did answer true to: "I would never talk back to the boss or teacher."

I don't know, I don't really want this job. She said I had to work alone, it's a part-time position for me to work at night and on weekends. I guess I could still keep the Soup job during the day. Though I will have to ask my parents if I do get hired. It's because I don't want them to get angry with me. They might say that the only good reason to quit is if I got a job at a bank.

It's been hrs since I wrote the above paragraph. I don't think I will get the job. She asked questions like "Where do you find out about the latest trends?" It is a high class store, something my sister would fit in.

Review: Let's start off with a food review. Back in 2006 the Chinese restaurant Sweet Garden opened and I ordered food there. The food tasted good. They served western food like fries too. The servings were somewhat small. When I ordered food to go, the styrofoam boxes they were in were rather small. Then a yr later, they had new management and it changed to Pho Bin. I went there today, and the food is good. No western food on the menu. The serving was actually bigger, as in it was in a regular styrofoam box.

The nitpick is that with Sweet Garden, the price was cheaper. Pho Bin is a few dollars more, but that's what you get to get more quantity of the food. They also serve bubble tea now, but it's like $4.28, too expensive for me. If you want good and cheap Chinese food, go to the food court at mall to get some.

I finished reading the book Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities by Alexandra Robbins. You can go to her website She talked about problems with a sorority and how to solve them. It's not anti-Greek or pro-Greek, she was reporting on the truth. It's a good book, I recommend you read it. She also has other books, you can check out on her site. Stuff like being overachievers, investigating secret societies, and battling the quarter-life crisis.

Jul. 27: I decided to do something else about my anger. I emailed the head of the program to see if she can delete Introductory Rhetoric off my transcript, and keep my Computer Research on it so I would get a higher overall average. There are 3 electives: Rhetoric, Research, and Technical Writing. I am supposed to take 1. I took Rhetoric and didn't do well in it. Then I took Research and it was a good mark.

Sayings: You know that saying: "Everything happens for a reason." Maybe I'm supposed to not pass Proofreading and Copyediting, so that then I would push myself so hard to pass Professional Prose the first time around. Prose is a full yr course, and I didn't want to spend an entire yr at the school again.

There is also the saying: "Do it well once, or do it twice." I was like: "Whatever, if I have to take Proofreading again." But now, in the program they say you are only allowed to take it twice. That's because every yr, new people are entering into the program, and they need to take it once. The program did say maybe a third time, if you can convince them, but I'm going to pass it the 2nd time.

Crazy: I went on Facebook, and was looking through the "People you may know" to add more MacEwan friends. Then I saw Will Brockie. I was like: "Oh my god!" I remember talking and emailing him back in 2006 when I was working at Grand and Toy. Then we stopped contacting each other after a few weeks. Whatever, we didn't click. Then I looked at his Facebook page and he is engaged. Good for him.

Jul. 28 Job search: Let's start off with something bad; I got an email from the program chair and she says I can't delete rhetoric off my transcript. Now onto something good, I took my paxil today. Other good stuff is that my co-worker Christine looked at my resume and gave me a few tips. One of them is that if you want to work as an administrative assistant, then highlight those skills.

I'm going to bide my time, because on Aug. 1, I will call Servus Credit Union and do that group job interview. I've only been to one group interview at American Eagle Outfitters.

Joke: In lighter stuff, Kyle Riabko got more screen time on Instant Star. There is a part where he is drinking a can of Coke. Brought back some memories of 2006, when I met him and asked for his Coke can; which I still have.

After I wrote that, TD Canada Trust finally called and set up an interview for tomorrow. I passed out my resume to the one in Capilano and downtown. I also emailed my resume to Human Resources. We'll see how this goes.

Charity: The other day the Make a Wish Foundation called for my parents, and not for me, so that's good. I think the fire department called me a few weeks ago asking for money.

Jul. 29: Another good thing is that I realized no one really sends me anything in the mail anymore. I remember in Dec. 2007, I had all these self-addressed stamped envelopes to charities. I then wrote a note saying: "Please don't send me anything anymore in the mail and don't give my address out to other charities." I used those address labels they gave me, and I stuck it on the envelopes. If you do what I do, you won't get charities in the mail.

I realized that because John was talking about his friend who has cancer, and I realized the Alberta Cancer Research Foundation hasn't mailed me anything recently. I know for sure I donated over $20 to them.

Interview: Today I went to the TD Canada Trust job interview. I tried to psych myself out. I told them I want to work full-time until the end of the yr, and then do part- time like 15hrs a week so I can take my class and get that college diploma. However, afterwards I talked to my dad. He says that if I got a job getting paid $15/hr, then I don't have to go get that college diploma. If I got a diploma, then there is no garauntee that I can use it.

My defense is that I want that college diploma to prove to myself that I can get a college diploma. I'm going to pass that class. I also mentioned to my dad that I should get that college diploma right now. I think it's because I'm afraid I can only get a diploma in a certain time period. Kind of like with law school, you have to complete it in a certain amount of time. But I will now go and email my program head about it and ask: "Can I still get my diploma 10 yrs from now?"

If I don't get this job, this interview did help prep me up for the Servus Credit Union one.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Jul 23 Read: Yesterday I read 135 pgs of Pledged. I realized I haven't read many books since school ended in Apr. In my defense I was studying the driver's manual for 2 months so that is reading. As usual I do read the Journal's A section everyday with some Culture and Life section. I did read the Dilbert comic book that John gave me. I also checked out a Nancy Drew graphic novel which is another easy read. I've also been reading posts on

I was on and we discussed about "TV moments that angry up the blood." It's an interesting discussion about shows that play pranks on people.

Me: This was a long time ago on The Jamie Kennedy Experiment. The 2 guys that were getting Xed, they were judges on this talent show. Jamie was riding on a unicycle and he rode it really badly. The host then asks what they think of Jamie, and that the contestants can't hear them. The 2 guys totally dissed Jamie saying he wasn't talented at all. Then when Jamie comes out, the 2 guys phrased it nicely by saying: "This is not your strong suit, pursue something else." Then the big tv screen behind them, aired the mean comments that they said earlier. The 2 guys act totally embarrassed. My problem was that they should have known what they were going to say, Jamie was going to hear them because if the actual talent show aired, Jamie was probably going to watch it and hear those comments. I guess the guys thought that even if Jamie does hear them, then the judges would be nowhere near Jamie if he's at home watching it. This just really annoyed me.

One person said this: "I only watched one episode of Punk'd, but it was just so depressing I never bothered to watch another. It had on a young, semi-popular actress whose name escapes me, and the 'joke' was that she had gotten a lead in a film with Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise."

Me: I was watching Punk'd the other day, and it's Jennifer Love Hewitt that they were punking. That wasn't really the joke, the joke was how would JLH react if the director told her that bookies are looking for him and he needs thousands of dollars to pay them back. I'll give points that JLH did call Jackie Chan's bodyguard for help and get him over here to diffuse the situation. I remember reading somewhere that's who she called on her cell.Then after it was revealed it was a joke, she then said: "I wondered if I could take on that guy (the bookie)." I'll give her points that she had considered fighting off a bad guy to protect the director. Then she said: "So I'm not going to be in a cool movie?"This prank did anger me because they got her hopes so psyched up, then to dash it off. That's pretty mean.

Jul. 24: I was on the same thread, and you know that tv show I told you about, The Secret Life of an American Teenager? It's about a 15yr old girl who gets pregnant and I said it looks like a bad show, but I'm probably going to watch it. Well I read this comment about it from someone on

"The beginning of the episode saw Grace, the Christian cheerleader, waiting for Ricky to pick her up after sneaking off with her boyfriend who her parents don't want her to see. Fine, she deserves some discipline for lying to her parents. Then two scuzzy men drive up, make lewd comments, then get out of the car and chase her down presumably to rape her. Grace gets on her knees with her hands together in prayer, then takes a beer bottle and smashes it, using the broken end to defend herself. Then Ricky pulls up in his car and chases the men away. The whole thing is caught on a bank surveillance camera.The episode went downhill from there. The footage is played on the news for laughs, and people act like this is the funniest thing they have ever seen. Grace feels bad for threatening the men with violence and quits the cheerleading team as punishment for putting herself in that situation. Meanwhile, the police don't seem to be working on arresting the men even though the incident is caught on tape.Brenda Hampton, I know we disagree on many many MANY things. I am a slovenly liberal and you are a fastidious conservative. But some things transcend politics.Rape is not funny. RAPE IS NOT FUNNY.A girl is NOT bad for defending herself against an attack.A rape or attempted rape victim is NEVER to blame.The footage is not a hilarious blooper reel. It is evidence for what should be a police investigation."

Man, that is awful. I do write action scenes at the beginning of my script, and usually it's a girl kicking some guys's ass. It's often in self-defense or it's the guy who is stirring up trouble. The girl doesn't apologize.

It's been hrs since I wrote the above, and I am still annoyed by it. I went on the forums again and someone actually gave the address where you can write to the creator Brenda Hampton about how her show is not good. It does bring some inspiration for my writing.

Job: Today Sunglasses Hut called. It's in City Centre and I have an interview this Sat. We'll see how much they pay and how the store is run. I remember last summer I did an interview at Silversmith, and the interview had the woman talk for 25min about the store and during it I realized I wouldn't be taking the job.

Fun: Today I worked from 12pm-8pm. This 40yr old couple enter and bought some soup and the woman Debra was wearing the movie Serenity t-shirt. I told her I liked the movie. They said they know the actor Nathan Fillion who is from Edmonton. They know his mother Cokie. The man Steven said he worked as a body guard for the actress Summer Glau. She is a dancer and she sometimes dances at the Jubilee Auditorium.

So I sat with them and talked about Fillion's other work like the short-lived show Drive, and his new internet show Dr. Horrible. You can watch it on I saw the first part. It's funny, with Neil Patrick Harris. There is singing involved like a musical. Then later the same thing happened, but with the managers's son Justin talking to this couple who is visiting Edmonton to see baseball.

Jul.25 Money: I got my credit card bill yesterday and I didn't spend any money on it. That's good because I'm trying to save. However, I have been using cash and debit instead. I didn't have my AB ID at the time, so when I do use the credit card, people will have to look at my ID. I should save time, and use my debit then.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

music/ funny/ quotes

Jul. 19 Music: Today I went on youtube and looked up one of my favorite singers Lee Ryan. I am inspired by him. I met him once back in May 2002 when he was in the boy band Blue and they came to perform and do an autograph session. I also got a hug from him.

This 30min documentary about him was really fun and interesting. There is this part where he and his mom discuss that it was hard for him in school because he's dyslexic.

Lee: A lot of kids called me "Thicky thick thick" (stupid) and then I go and beat them up which caused trouble.
Sheila (Lee's mom): I told Lee that he needs to get in control and keep it together and that by the time that he was 18 he will be singing with Elton John. Then when he was 18, he did.

The song/ video was "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word" which was EJ's song. EJ and Blue performed it together:

They also showed his sister Gemma and his dad John. I also liked how Lee had this high level of self- awareness.
Lee: When I was in the group (Blue), I was always known as the guy with the high voice. On my album I'm not doing all these vocal acrobatics.

Lee: When I was in Blue, I was always asked the stupid questions. It's like they want me to say something stupid. It was usually the teen magazines.

That reminds me of something I read yrs ago in a British teen magazine.
Magazine: Have you ever said sorry to a girl?
Lee: No, because sorry seems to be the hardest word!
Magazine: That was cheesy.

Part 1:
Part 2: 3:

I also borrowed the new Jennifer Lopez cd called "Brave." I never thought she had a really good voice, it's average. I knew she only went into music because she was really good at dance. The cd is good. Lots of fun dance tracks to dance to. If you like pop/dance, check this cd out.

Jul. 20 Feelings: I need to get on my paxil to deal with my anger. Besides that Cheaters relapse last week, I have continued to stay away from all the bad tv shows I quit. So tv isn't the cause of my anger. I'm feeling anxious about school that starts in Jan. My job isn't really stressful. It gets busy during the lunch rush, but I can handle it. I don't feel very good.

Let's see what other things could be causing it. Well yesterday John told me he saw the first 3 eps of the show Prison Break and he doesn't like it because it's not realistic. I love that show. He says that the lead character Micheal (Wentworth Miller) is an engineer, yet when he is in prison, no one messes with him. He also robbed a bank so he could get in jail to break his older brother out.

Inmates will mess with people who are child molesters and if the criminal is young like late teens, early 20s. Micheal does get messed with by the character T-Bag. M is also in his 30s. Then John complains that there is all this conflict, yet everything works out. M is working hard to break out of prison and lots of things go wrong with it. M needs this room to break out, but it turns out it's the prison guards breakroom, so that's not possible. Then M manages to get a inmate who has been in prison for 25yrs, and has a spotless record. That inmate than can go into the breakroom, and then sets the room on fire and M and the other inmates will have to fix the room. It's the way to tunnel out.

You know what the irony is? When John was in Edmonton, I only get to see him once or twice a month. I sometimes get phone calls from him and the occassional email. Now that he's in Medicine Hat, I get to have way more contact with him, especially with phones. Another thing that causes my frustration.

Review: I would also like to recommend the show In Plain Sight about a woman who is a US Marshal who helps people in the FBI witness protection program. It's got drama, action, and comedy.

I saw Instant Star today, and Kyle Riabko got more screen time this ep, so I'm happy.

Job: Today I worked from 12pm-5pm, and it was really boring. Very little work. It was an easy $45 made.

Jul. 21: Good news I called the dr. to set up an appointment to get my paxil.

Rant: I totally learned from my mistake. It's to delay gratification. Last yr I was anxious to work so in the last month of school, I got a job at Forever 21 when I should be focusing on studying. I'm always like this, wanting to change the past. The lesson is to study and work hard. Focus on needs instead of wants. You need to get a college diploma instead of wanting a job.

Another thing I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I should have quit rhetoric. That class was not required. I had made the decision that next yr I would take computer research which I am actually good at. I knew I wasn't going to pass rhetoric, but I didn't want to waste money, so I decided to waste time in a class I wasn't good at. I could have quit, and wasted money, but saved time. It's always one or the other. Well at least it didn't hurt my GPA too badly.

Quotes: I read this in Ellie's advice column. On her tip of the day: "You can't run away from past mistakes, but must confront why they happened and how to prevent them in the future."

"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in determination." -Tommy Lasorda

"Greatness consists of trying to be great. There is no other way." -Albert Camus

"Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get." Ray Kroc

Funny: Maybe I'm happy that I'm going to get my paxil. I see things are looking up. Last night I talked with John. We do have the same sense of humor. I told him about The Simpsons ep where the kids are stranded on an island and made fun of Lord of the Flies. One of the twins Sherri or Terri say: "I'm so hungry, I could eat at Arby's." All the kids say: "Whoa, you must be really hungry."

John: Yeah well remember that time, they dissed Mountain Dew. Homer picks crab juice over Mountain Dew.

Then John says something about how he hopes that I don't think he's a monster.

Me: You're not a monster. Oh yeah, that reminds me of Malcolm in the Middle. The mom Lois steals Christmas by telling the boys that if they don't behave, they won't celebrate Christmas or get gifts. Then Lois is crying about it because she feels guilty. The dad Hal tries to comfort her.

L: I'm a monster.
H: No, you are not a monster.
L: Yes I am.
H: No, you aren't.
L: I'm a monster.
H: No, you aren't.
L (lashes out at H): Why can't you admit that I'm a monster?!
H: Okay, okay, you're a monster.

J: I only find the mom, dad, and older brother funny. Sometimes it's funny, and sometimes it isnt.

Jul 22 Resume: Today was good. I passed out 4 of my revised resume that Angela edited. It's like she gave my resume a much needed makeover. I passed it out to Accusearch, I think to the same woman who I given my learner's permit test to. A managed to make my resume not look so repetitive because I repeated the exact same duties under the same places/ jobs I worked at like Ipsos and Leger. It looks like I have 5 jobs, instead of working at 8 places. I sure look less like a job hopper. lol.

I'm also reading a great book called Pledged: The Secret life of Sororities by Alexandra Robbins. I wanted to read it since summer 2007, but didn't get the chance too. Well no more procrastinating, I went to the library and asked about it, and then the library called my house saying the book was available. I've been reading it since early afternoon, and I have read 71 pages. It's where AR went undercover and joined a sorority to study how they interact.

I first heard about this book by reading through these defunct teen magazines YM and Ellegirl. It is very intriuging. 80% of eating disorders that occur in colleges, those women belong to sororities. Being accepted into one is mainly based on looks and money. It's very expensive to live in a sorority.

Friday, July 18, 2008

funny/ job

Jul 15 Funny: You know the religion Catholicism? You do a sin, then you go to confessions and you repent your sins. This is how I repent my sins, I confess them to you guys. So I turned on the tv, and it was on Maury. If it was a paternity test, I would have immediately changed the channel right away. But no, it had Joey Greco and he is the host of the tv show Cheaters and they showed clips of the show.

I watched it for a few min. and then turned it off. Well it was really funny. There was this good looking guy and he finds out his wife is cheating on him. Joey knocks on the door saying "Hotel security" and they bust in. The Husband jumps on the guy on the bed and is beating him up and calling him a bastard. The Other Guy was wearing a shirt and boxers and he puts on his clothes and runs down the fire escape. The Husband is yelling at his wife saying that they have 2 kids together. She says that she's "the breadwinner" and he says: "I can't even remember the last time we even ate together." They're through.

Feelings: I remember that time back in 2006, I lost my job at Ipsos and Jay Leno's monologue couldn't even cheer me up. It was only when I saw a Cheaters repeat was the only thing that had me laughing that night. It's one of the shows that gets me angry that someone is cheating on their partners, but at the same time I am happy and laughing when that person is caught cheating. You would have thought I was bipolar when watching this show. lol.

I'm getting flashbacks of when I was at Centre High and at Nait and on Fri. and Sat. nights I watch the show and email it to my friend Chamnouer and we discuss it. Right now I am feeling this rush, my heart is beating faster and I'm really amped after watching this in a good way. Enjoy it and savour it now. I feel guilty for this relapse, but I must remind myself I have quit the following shows since 2006: Maury, Dr Phil, Blind Date, Cops. I rarely even watch Oprah, Tyra, The Young and the Restless. They're not bad, they don't interest me.

Well I might as well confess that some months ago, Patrick was watching Cheaters on youtube and I watched some it with him. We had a good laugh. I may go on youtube later and look up and watch some eps. This may be a trashy show, but they help people find out if their partners are cheating on them and confront them.

Jul. 16: What's with all the religion talk? I think it's because of watching Spiderman 3 and there is a little religion thrown in there.

Job: Today Sears called me asking if I am still looking for a job. I said no. I applied there back in May when I didn't have a job. My parents told me to look for another job instead of taking Xcetera so I applied there. Sears in Kingsway, if I took that job, I would have to take 2 buses and that is more effort and time to get there. Also I would have to dress better, thus buy some new shirts, learn to use the till. I also said that I wouldn't work at a big department store, because the bigger the store is, the more work there is.

The pay would probably be the same like $9/hr which I remember writing on that application. I also need to work at Soup longer. I have worked there for a month. If I am going to quit, I have to get a job at a bank. Or another store that I really liked called me like Urban Planet. I could reapply to all those stores I like with the new resume that my friend Angela had helped me on.

The other day, The Simpsons was on and Lisa, Bart, and Groundskeeper Willy sang a song about being "adequate." The Soup place is adequate. It's okay and average. If I was working at the $1 Store Plus and Sears called, I would take that job. Wait, maybe not. Well I certainly hated the $1 Store. I don't hate the Soup place.

Jul. 17: I'll be working on Sun. since Maygen will be gone. Tomorrow I'll have to come in an hr earlier too, at least I will get 15 min. extra of a break. I also dropped off my resume to a travel agency today.

Jul. 18: The Marlin Travel Agency called and she said they aren't hiring a administrative assistant. She said I didn't have any travel experience as an agent, so I won't be getting the job.

Today I worked from 11am-8pm. I'm good. Not totally tired.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

shopping/ movie/ tradition

Jul. 12 Shopping: Today I had a day off. I went to West Edmonton Mall to check out that new Apple store. That store sign has the Apple logo out front. It's a good and big store with all their technology that you can touch the computers and ipods. I looked through my old brochures from 2005/2006 and 2008 earlier this yr and compared it to the new one. The following stores are closed down: Athlete's World Superstore. One of the two locations closed down earlier last yr and this one closed down this yr. One of the Fairweather stores is closing down because the lease expired. Dell Computers, Roasty Jack, Cap Connection, Info Lotto.

The following stores will be opening: Tea Art, Aeropostle (American store), American Apparel (one on Whyte Ave), Bowring (one in Kingsway). Another Lids store opened. It's also interesting to see that in 2005/2006 Thomas Cook Travel and Foreign Exchange. In 2008, it turned to Thomas Cook Foreign Exchange. Now it's Thomas Cook Travel Currency Foreign Exchange.

Facebook: What was cool was that I went to Urban Outfitters and I saw this blonde girl pick up a Postsecret book and then I turned to walk away. Then she says my name, and I realized it's Michelle from my writing program. She says she's going to go to University of Victoria to take philosophy classes since she graduated out of the program. She told me she is working at St. Albert, taking kids with mental and physical disabilities to museums. She gets paid $12.60/hr to do that.

I asked her for her last name and if she's on Facebook. I then went and looked her up and she confirmed me as her friend. Throw in I also looked up my manager Dani from Ardene/Xcetera and she confirmed me as her friend.

Jul. 13: Today 3 more of my MacEwan friends confirmed me as their friend on Facebook. Also my cousin Jen confirmed me too.

Quote: I was on and someone wrote that they leave all these quotes around like: "We all die, the goal is not to live forever, the goal is to create something that will."

Music: I borrowed the Mariah Carey cd "E=MC squared" from the library. It's good, I have her last album. If you like R&B and dance, you will like this. As usual, she's got her good ballads. I like her dance songs like "Migrate" feat. T-Pain, "Side Effects" feat. Young Jeezy.

Movie: Today I returned my cd and borrowed Spiderman 3. It was a great movie. It was entertaining and I was impressed with the fight scenes and storyline. It was funny too. The bloopers were funny too. It was unpredictable. I liked how they brought something from the first movie and brought it to the 3rd one. There is consistency in it. It was also creative with how the bad guys were created. I recommend you all watch it if you haven't.

It brought back some memories. I saw the first one when it came out 6 months after it hit the theatres. It wasn't even in the $1 theatres, it was still in City Centre. I saw it with Leslie in Sept. on the weekend. It was a double feature with Men in Black 2. I saw the 2nd Spiderman movie, I borrowed it from the library too. I think it was a yr after the movie came out.

I forgot how much I liked James Franco. He played James Dean in a tv movie about him, and you know how I'm a big fan of JD. I have like 20 pictures of him up in my room. I also like JF in Tristan and Isolde. Another movie I borrowed from the library.

Today I was watching Instant Star, and finally Kyle Riabko showed up on the screen. He was in like 2 scenes in the ep. When he first came on, I squealed.

Tradition: I was thinking about that Ryan Cabrera song "True" with the lyrics "I'm weak, it's true." Big Brother 10 debuted today and as usual I have to watch the first ep. I'm weak, it's true. Well I started watching BB since season 2 because Patrick watched it. Then I saw seasons 3, 4, and 5. Though I was distancing myself by missing the first 20min of the show and watching the last part of it. Then in season 6 I didn't watch at all. Then I tuned in once a week instead of 3 times a week for BB7 because it was the all- stars season. All the people from the previous seasons came on and I had to watch at least some of it.

Then in BB8 I had to watch it to see the father- daughter reunion of Dick and Danielle. In the end Dick won the $500,000, and Danielle was runner-up and got $50 000. Then I didn't watch BB9. I only saw the first ep and I didn't like how they were pairing up the people. I also didn't watch it because it was during the school yr and I needed to focus on my studies. I won by default. I think I may watch this season.

Though you guys gotta give me points that I did quit a lot of bad daytime talk shows and reality shows. Except this one, BB keeps coming every summer and I have time to watch bad tv during this time.

Jul. 15: The store Unique Wear in City Centre is closing down on Jul. 26. If you are interested, go and shop there.

News: I was talking to John last night and he read in his Medicine Hat paper that there is this guy who robbed a bank by writing and give a threatening note to the teller. He got $50 000. Then he told his friends about it. A friend called the cops, and they bust him. Due to the cops not having a warrant because they were so eager to catch him, they were unable to arrest him. You have to have a warrant to go into a suspect's home and find evidence.

The money was given back to the bank, but the robber was not arrested. Yeah well, at least he doesn't have any money anymore. I'm sure his name is printed in the newspaper too, so everybody will know he did it. If the cops don't have a warrant to go into a house, anything the cops find, the evidence is inadmissable even if it's a dead body. The only way it's okay for the cops to bust in without a warrant is if they see someone who's in danger. I know this from reading a Fearless: FBI book discussing it.

It also reminds me of the movie Bon Cop, Bad Cop. There is a scene in the movie about it:

Good cop: We have to wait for the warrant to come through before we go in.
Bad cop breaks the glass and turns the knob, and enters.
GC: Great, now we can't use the evidence.
BC: Yeah, whatever. I'll just say I thought I saw somebody who's in danger.
lol. It's a good movie, go watch it.

Funny: That also reminds me of stupid criminals back in 2005. I was watching Real Player news and there was this story about these 3 carpenters. They were digging in the yard to pull out a tree, and then they find all these old coins. The coins were worth a lot of money and they called the local news stations, showed them the money and they got themselves on tv.

A week or so later, I go on Real Player news again, the 3 carpenters were arrested. It became suspicious because of the inconsistencies in the story of digging to pull out a tree and/ or to plant a tree. This guy watched them on tv and realized that those coins that the carpenters found, those coins were really his. The guy hired those 3 carpenters to work on his house and those coins went missing. He then called the cops on them. Stupid people. The thing is, the carpenters wanted to be rich and wanted to be famous too. If they haven't called the news stations, they would just been rich and got away with the crime.

Money: I had my day off and picked up my paycheck today. Steven said it wasn't going to be a lot because of my days off. It was totally worth it because I went to Calgary and got my learner's permit. Yesterday, I got my learner's ID in the mail. I also had Sat. off. Ray and I will work alternate Sat. because after she's gone by mid- August, I will be working every Sat. I also got my share of the tips in cash. Yesterday, we were sorting out coins with the machine and I helped. They said that they give tips twice a yr and give based on how much work someone worked.

In other news, Deanna from college has confirmed me as her friend on Facebook.

Friday, July 11, 2008

funny/ news/ advice

Jul 8 Funny: Today my sister was talking about how her co-worker who is always complaining about how her boyfriend had cheated on her with someone less attractive. The coworker is 21yrs old and spends money on getting botox and breast implants. My opinion on plastic surgery is get that when you are middle aged and you don't look that good.

Then S says: "I would get mad if my boyfriend cheated on me with someone who doesn't have a high school diploma." lol. S is all about being smart, academics, and money. I remember this time back in 2002, in psychology class there was this quiz:" Which cartoon character are you most like?" One of the questions was: "Who do you want to spend time with?" And I knew she was going to pick "Someone who's smart" over someone who's romantic, a party animal, someone who has fun all the time. I pick the latter.

Well I would be mad if my boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend. That's really personal. If it's someone he met at a bar and I and/ or he will probably never see again, than that would not get me as angry. No more talk about infidelity, because it's reminding me of tv shows I quit like Maury and Cheaters.

Job: Today Scotiabank in downtown called for me to fill out an application. I took the bus there and filled it out. Then I went to deposit my tax refund. Then I went to work. It turns out I didn't have to work today because Ray was coming in to take over my place.

Me: You can take my shift today.
Ray: This would make it a totally pointless busride if I didn't work.
Me: That's why I'm letting you have my shift.
But then I ended up working today and having tomorrow off. So from now on it will be Sun. and Tues. I have off.

I told Steven that he might be getting a phone call that Scotiabank will be calling him to verify that I worked there and as a reference. I asked if Scotiabank hires me, and it doesn't work out, can I still work at the Soup place. He said yes. I got Dani's last name and told her that she will be my reference.

Jul. 9 Music: It was cool yesterday. I went to the library and my card expired, and I didn't have to pay $12 for it. Instead the librarian said if I was a student, I could get my fee waived and they didn't need to look at my school ID. I saved $12. I told this to my co-worker Maygen and she said that it can only be waived once. She and my sister said that it is only $12. I then borrowed the Ashlee Simpson's new cd "Bittersweet World." I like to try out new music. It's a fun cd to listen to. It's average.

Movie: I saw Michael Moore's movie The Big One on tv last night. It looked like it was made in the early 90s or even 80s due to how people looked. I looked it up and it was released in 1997. It was how companies lay off their employees to make more of a profit. Companies like Nike and Payday chocolate bars. I like how MM goes to the companies and give them the Downsizer Award.

It did make me feel better about getting laid off from Ipsos. I didn't get laid off because the company was trying to make more of a profit off us. The lease was up on the building and they couldn't find another place to move the office to so they closed down the company. They held seminars on how to get unemployment insurance and how to improve our resumes.

In the movie I see that Manpower temp agency makes an appearance in it. Today I read in the Globe and Mail's Careers section about being friends on facebook with your boss and co-workers. There is this unprofessional line crossed if you do become facebook friends. You can do so if you have your name and be facebook friends with your business. You can then create another account so you can be friends with your family and friends.

In school, the students and I were asked if we wanted to be facebook friends with our teachers. People said no because they don't want their teachers to look at their pics of them partying. lol. I did a friend request for the manager at Grand and Toy where I used to work at back in 2006. I requested she be my friend a few weeks ago, but I don't know if she even remembes me since I only worked there a month. I didn't create a bond like I did with Kim and Lorraine. The other coincidence of that article was that it came when I requested to be friends with Hyacinthe.

Today I went and returned the Ashlee Simpson cd to get the Plain White T's cd. I went to Coles book store in downtown and meet the author Ron Wood. He wrote the book And God created Mayberries and it's supposed to be a funny book. I told him I wanted to be a writer and that I was at MacEwan studying to be one. I told him I want to write for tv and movies. He says that he wants to turn his book into a tv show, kind of like Corner Gas. I went home and am researching about this book before I impulsively buy it.

Jul 10: I wrote down the website address and there intro said this: " is a truism that good marketing will accelerate the demise of a bad company. We did our part." lol. It's a good site. After watching The Big One, at the end of the movie it said I typed it up and it went to

News: I read in the Journal today that the magazine store Front Page will be closing down after 15yrs. It's on Jasper Ave. The lease was going to end, it was hard to get people to work there, the rent was really high. The owner was going to retire in 5yrs so he decided to close it down.

I saw this commercial for a reality show called High School Musical: Get in the Picture where people audition for the show. Nick Lachey is hosting. Uh huh. This show is going to get ratings. I do like to watch the 13 part miniseries called Fear Itself. There is also going to be another miniseries called Flashpoint. It's about a SWAT team in Toronto.It starts Enrico Colontini (Veronica Mars dad) and Hugh Dillion from Durham County.

My mom gave me this business card for TD Canada Trust because she knows someone who works there. I will now email my resume to Human Resources. I told mom about how next month there is a group interview at Servus Credit Union and Scotiabank calling me to fill out an application.

Jul. 11 Fun: Yesterday was cool. My friend Sherri stopped by and we chatted. She told me about how she knew a girl with severe dyslexia and can't read.
Me: I remember back in gr.6 the teacher was telling us about how there was this part of China where 100% of the population was able to read and write. Then the class asks: "Isn't Canada like that?" She says no. Of course, it's because of the immigrants. My grandma can't read or write English.
Sherri acts like what I said was so ignorant.

Me: I know there are people who aren't immigrants and they are in this country since they were born and they can't read or write. I remember reading an article in a magazine about how this girl she couldn't read, but she got by when the teacher asks her to read. There was someone whispering her the words and she pretended she was reading by repeating it. Though later she eventually learned to read.

Advice: I have mentioned this before, I think to some of you. I have to go to school for one more class Proofreading and Copyediting in January. I need a 60% in it and I got somewhere in the 50s. I'm really worried and stressed out about it. Because if I don't pass it the 2nd time, they won't let me take it the 3rd time. That's because each yr, there are new people who need to take the class the 1st time.

Unless I talk to the person in charge of the program and talk my way into getting to take the class the 3rd time. If I don't pass this class, then I won't get my diploma. I remember reading this Journal article: "Focus on doing well, and not worry about it. Worrying about it is worrisome." All I can say is I need my paxil, work only 3 days a week like Sun., Mon., Tues., overstudy by studying the subject everyday.

There is another way. If later it turns out that my mark isn't high enough, I can always drop out before the date comes. There is a date that says I can drop out before I get academic penalty. Do you have any tips to not get me stressed out?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Jul 5 Job: I know what Angela said about resumes: "Don't apply to places you're not interested in working." My counter argument is: "Beggars can not be choosers." However, I won't be applying to Get Fresh or Second Cup, which is where I applied last summer. I am currently working in the food industry so why would I go and work at another restaraunt and do the same thing and probably similar pay?

Today I applied to Oriental Home, this store in City Centre. Second Cup had actually finished renovating and it looked good. Another thing is, I go to this mall all time time since 2001 and I have never noticed the words Tilly's Endurables on the window of the mens store Val Berg's Menswear. It wasn't until the other day I passed by it and then looked at my mall directory that I see that both Tilly's and Val Berg's had the same phone number. I didn't notice it because I never go into that store anyway.

Jul. 6 Writing: I have now finished taking that learner's permit test and now I can focus on my writing. Yesterday I did some writing and today I typed it up. I know after I have done the important thing with completing my learners, I have to do productive stuff. My inspiration at the moment is Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. I was reading about his character on and what others are saying about him. He's got 14 pages with people discussing him and no one even talked about the other characters as much as him.

Here's a pic of him played by Ed Westwick, this British actor:

Music: Speaking of British boys, I was listening to all 3 of my British boyband Five cds. I want to show you all their videos. I haven't seen "It's the things you do" video in yrs and now that I see it, I hear that the song is quite different from the album. There is a rap on the cd, but in the video there isn't. Also the 2nd verse of the song is totally different.

"It's the things you do" is a fun video with the guy's race care 5 racing against the car 666.

"When the Lights go out" is a video set at a bowling alley. I still like it after all these yrs. This is the song that inspired me to submit the pick up line to called "Don't you love it when the lights go out?" The rating did get a 3/10. lol. Abs raps in the 3rd verse.

This is the 2nd version of "When the Lights go out" but with more of techno feel. J raps in the 3rd verse.

Here is "Slam dunk da funk" video. It's their first video, it's rather low budget, but it's a good song to dance to.

"If ya gettin down" is one of their best videos. Good choreography and dancing.

They remake Queen's "We Will Rock You." My favorite member Rich sings the lead. They can rock out. This reminds that Rich did do some rock songs when he tried to get a solo career started.

Here is "Everybody Get Up" which is like a rock song.

"Don't wanna let you go" is a song that I read that Five didn't want on their album, but the record company made them put it on their album. They didn't want to release, but the company made them do it too. The vid is kind of like Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and Backstreet Boys "Everybody Backstreet's Back."

"Keep on Movin'" is a light, up beat song.

"Got the Feelin'" is another light happy song.

Then I thought about my fave member Jon Lee from S Club 7. Here is his official website. You can watch him sing 2 ballads live. He is very good. It's also interesting to see him now. He was in his late teen, early 20s in the pop group. Now I see that he has aged up. I was watching the montage of him and he looks very cute and pretty. Now he's good looking and older.

Jul 7 Fun: Today I went to work and my friend Jessica was coming down the escalator with her friend James and I called to her. She came by at 3pm so I went on my break with her to the food court. They were going to see the movie Wanted and they lated said they didn't like it after watching it. However, my co-worker Maygen said she liked it. To each their own.

Me: So did you read my email about how staffing agencies are bad?
Jessica: Yeah. A friend of a friend of mine went undercover and worked there. I don't know what staffing agency it was, but they were totally trying to scam and take people's money.
James: Yeah, my dad is in senior management and he is looking over staffing agencies. They are so aggressive because they are trying to get money out of you.

Then Je talked about how she went to a back alley driving school that isn't totally good and really shady.

I also told them that City Centre's Oriental Home is hiring. The manager called me yesterday and asked if I speak Cantounese and Mandarin. I can hear Cantounese, than speak it. Very little Mandarin. I told them I had a job, and they are looking for temporary employment. I asked how much they paid, but then he said that since I had a job already, he won't be hiring me. I guess they were looking for someone with more flexible hrs. If you are Asian, or know someone who is, go apply there.

I used to take Mandarin from gr.7-10 and quit after gr. 10. I was talking to John and I just got an email from Heather about how I dwell too much on the past. Though I want to say that I wanted to quit Mandarin, but my mom wouldn't let me. Each semester I got a 5% decrease in my mark. It was a C. Then when my sister says I should quit because though getting a second language is good, I won't be smart enough to get into university, so it wouldn't be necessary.

Even before S said that, I knew I wasn't smart enough to get into university. I was focusing on Nait and MacEwan. So it's interesting how S's advice trumps over my mom's. Well my mom doesn't really know how high school and post-secondary works as well S does. I did get my way by not having to take Mandarin anymore. Yay. I still got into college and that's the important thing.

Friday, July 4, 2008

changes/ drive/ job

Jul 3 Changes: I was talking to Angela and I asked her about what she thought about my email about staffing agencies.
A: About that guy who you thought was good and is evil now?

Well I wouldn't say the exact word "evil" about Hyacinthe. How do I phrase this nicely? I don't really find his occupation that ethical if I am making $13/hr, and he is getting money for every hr that I work. If I got the same job on my own, he wouldn't be getting money off me. Then A said that they are somewhat "overcompensated", but they have to make money somehow as a staffing agency.

You know what a big coincidence was? A and I were talking about that yesterday, and today, H finally confirmed me as a friend on Facebook. So I checked out his page and it turns out he's 25, just what I thought. Turns out he's a Gemini because his unprofessional email address and bday shows that he is one. He's in a relationship, and he has been working at Manpower since Nov. 2007.

I threw out all the Manpower stuff, and deleted the emails. Maybe I should email him saying I won't be working with them anymore so then he won't have to waste his time looking for the City of Edmonton job. However, he is saying that he is waiting for them to contact him first so he isn't really working for me until they contact him.

Another thing I was thinking about is that I don't always do what my parents tell me to do. Look at my brother P, he's 20 and he does what my parents tell him to do. P actually wanted to major in history, but that's stupid. P is good at it, but how do you expect to make a living out of it? They tell him to go into business which is what he's good at and can make a living out of it.

Drive: Great news, I passed my learner's permit test. I was on the last question and I needed to get it right. I got it right and I shouted "Yes!" and I clapped my hands together. I think I may have even thrown up my arms in the air. I then stood up from my cubicle to see if anyone was looking. The woman who sat at a desk behind me asked if I passed it. I said yes, lol. Third's the charmed.

I was anxious to do the test today. I did call Servus Credit Union at like 8am, but I got an answering machine. I was going to do the group interview today, then do the Capital Health cleaning person job interview the next day, before going to work. Then I decided if I was to leave a message, what would I say? I wanted to see if they would both hire me and then I can make my decision.

Also I wanted to do the learner's test today to get it out of the way. Like what if I did get the cleaning job, what are the hrs like? If it's like 9am-5pm, then I won't really have time to do the test at the registry. I'm guessing the same with the bank so do it now.

Sherry: Thank you for saying "You go girl" to me for getting 22 questions right, but now this time that I passed it I really deserved your words.

Angela: You were right about yesterday saying that to get the learner's permit card it's going to cost $80. I went and showed them my AB ID that costs $40, I got last summer. The woman then says she will shred the ID card, and then she will transfer the cost of that card onto my learner's card which I ended up paying $42.45 for. Also you said that after you get your learner's, you then have to wait 2 yrs before getting the driver's license. Well I asked the registry and she said 1 yr.

Jessica: Question for you since you have your license is that, how many questions are there on the driver's license test and how many do you need to get right to pass?

I then stopped by at work and picked up my paycheck and deposited it. Bling bling. No one really says that anymore. Overall it's been a funderful day. Funderful was used by Bender on the TV show Futurama. Another word no one says either. lol.

Jul 4 Job: Today I woke up early at 8am and got ready for my job interview at Capital Health. I don't think I got the job. Well let's start off with that I was there on time. She asked the questions like if I had any professional cleaning instructed to me, and I said no. I did tell her I am a neat person which is true and that I mop, sweep, and clean at the restaurants and stores I worked at.

The pay is good for $12.66 and after a yr it's $13.81. It's on Sat. from 11am-7pm which is good for me too. I can work at the Soup place during the weekdays and work at the hospital on the weekend. There are 10 other people up for it. I did ask if I can try out the job for a few weeks before I commit to this permanent job. She said that I could quit if I wanted to.

They want me to clean the dialysis, this thing that cleans the kidneys. I asked Maygen at work and she explained to me how it worked and it was complicated. The woman at the interview Kim did forewarn me that there is blood, and body fluids. That sounded unappealing, but I wanted to try out the job before saying no. There is also a criminal record check and a health check if I am hired. In a few weeks she will call the person who is hired, and for the people who aren't hired, she will send a letter. I'll be checking my mail box.

You may say: "C'mon Tracy, get some positive thinking." Well next month there is still a Servus Credit Union interview.

Funny: I also want to throw in, I really made Hyancinthe's and mine's professional relationship really unprofessional. I emailed him on facebook and sent him the link of Matthew Lawrence. I also saw his brother Jessy and I thought he looked like the actor JR Bourne so I sent that link to him too.

Another thing about that convo I had with Angela and we were talking about teen pregnancy.

Me: I was watching the Tyra Banks show and this 15 yr old girl said she wanted to have a baby for the unconditional love. A audience member asks what her relationship with her dad is and the girl says: "I recently learned that my dad is not my real biological dad" and starts crying. The audience goes "Ohhhhhh" and the member apologized.
A: Yeah well she's still got a dad.
Me: Oh yeah, that reminds me of Maury.
A: I thought you quit watching that show.
Me: I did, but I still remember it. After a guy find out that his 2 kids may not be biologically his, he did say "They're still my kids."

That would suck if I found out my dad is not my biological dad, but he's still my dad for raising me. Then it did make me think if I was adopted, my family is still my family. That would also make sense if I was adopted and would explain why I am the only one in my family who isn't in university studying business. lol. Even my 3 cousins in Calgary are/ were in business in university. Except the 4th cousin D who studied science and works at a bank? I don't know where she works.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

fun/ news/ vacation

Jun 29 Fun: I'm going to Calgary this afternoon, and I won't be coming back until the end of the week. The other day my ex-manager Dani came into the Soup place and ordered a small bowl of chicken noodle soup. Then this girl who works there Stephanie came by yesterday and she asked why I got fired. I told her it's because the manager above Dani caught me sitting 3 times, when I know for sure she caught me once. Stephanie said that was a stupid reason to get fired.

News: I read in the Journal today that there is this guy who teaches how to drive, and also is trying to recruit the women he teaches to work at his massage parlour. Those 2 parlours he owns are suspected of fronts for prostitution. There was an undercover investigation, and he is now arrested. One of parlours closed down because the landlord wanted to close it down. Also the lease was up. Then the other parlour was closed down too, I think it was because he was arrested. That's great news, getting rid of sleazy people and places.

Jul 1 Vacation: I am back from my vacation in Calgary. I spent 2 nights there from Jun 29-Jul 1. When I got there, we went out to dinner at a Chinese Restaurant and I see that my little cousin M has grown, she's two and half years old. Afterwards we went to my cousins' Je, L's and D's house. Well Je and L have moved into their own house. D and her husband R and their daughter M moved back with their parents because they are renovating their own house.

I also met their rabbit Murphy which they had for 10yrs. After playing with it, I had a bad allergic reaction either to the rabbit or the grass. I got hives on my left hand and arm. My nose was running, my eyes were red, and I was using kleenex to wipe them, but I was touching my face. There were hives then on my face. I got some pill from them to fix it.

I also tried out the game "Rockband" where I play drums to the song. It was hard, so I'll need more practice. I was holding the drum sticks and hitting the drums hard, so it kind of hurt my hand. I should wear gloves next time.

Posh: Last summer I applied to Posh at Home, a store that sells furnishes 11235 Jasper Ave. They never called back. I picked up their business card and I finally checked the website. It's so flashy and sleek. Really good. Check out the site and store if you want.

Good: I found this on and I find it inspiring. The secret is:

"To: The Chinese man who didn't speak English. Thank you for getting help for me when I had a seizure. I was taken away in an ambulance and didn't get a chance to thank you. Thank you."

Jul 2 Drive: The first time I took the learner's permit test, I have only been reading the driver's handbook casually for the past 2 summers without really studying it and processing it. Then this summer I studied it for 2 weeks and then I went out and did it just so I can face the fear. I then got halfway through it by getting 9/15 questions right and they logged me out.

I then studied for nearly 2 months on it and studied it really hard, everyday. I read chapters 2-6 and processed it. Today I went and did it. I asked her if I could write it on paper and pencil, she said no. Then I asked if I could get scrap paper and write down my answers and then put it on the test, she said no. I then went and did it. I went through all the questions. I got 22 right, and 6 wrong, so I didn't get the learner's permit. You guys gotta give me points that I did way better the 2nd time.

Also I answered most of the questions, because I knew the answer. I wasn't like guessing at everything.

Clean: Yesterday I recycled the Manpower safety booklets and everything from them. Who cares if I did crappy on their employee tests when they are going to take money out of my paycheck anyway? Good thing I cut ties with them. Another thing is, it's a good thing back in 2007, I didn't get the required mark to get the job for StatsCanada. That's because the staffing agency Spherion hooked me up with it, and then they were going to take money out of my paycheck too. I also recycled the Posh business card.

You know what Feng shui is? It's this Chinese practice of placing furniture and things in your room to get good energy flow into your life. So with me getting rid of bad staffing agency things, I am getting good energy.

Friends: Last week my friend Jessica visited me at work which was cool. No one else does. Yeah, I know you're all busy and unless you have a reason to come in, then you will. Same goes with me and Grand and Toy. I don't really go there to visit Lorraine and Kim much unless I'm there to buy something.

I also talked to my friend Angela on the phone today and discussed resumes. Looks like I may delete Grand and Toy from my resume because I only worked there one month. I remember a couple of years ago Leslie told me I should delete that because it was such a short time.

Prince William: One more thing, Prince William helped do a major drug bust on a boat. Good for him.